Gross Out Your Vegan Friends With This Steak Set Wrapping Paper.

Another fun collection of gift wrap from Gift Couture that is bound to excite meat-eaters and disgust vegetarians. After success with their now sold out Cheeseburger wrapping paper set, Sarah Fey and Justin Colt have now successfully funded their second set via kickstarter.

The Steak Set includes Two 25” x 21” sheets of steak paper, One 25” x 21” sheet of cutting board paper, One sheet of white butcher paper, Twine, One Meat Tray and Two Gift Labels.


This set includes:
Two 25” x 21” sheets of steak paper
One 25” x 21” sheet of cutting board paper
One sheet of white butcher paper
One Meat Tray
Two Gift Labels

Visit Gift Couture here


Anonymous said...

Why would you think that a piece of paper would gross a vegan out? Do you think vegans are that sensitive? It's just paper. It's not real flesh and blood from an animal that has been slaughtered just to make money and satisfy the grattification of selfish people. Do you have any other products attempting to insult other minorities?

laura sweet said...

Dear Anonymous,
It makes for a fun headline to introduce "meat" wrapping paper and is not meant to be taken literally. Us meat-eaters call that a sense of humor.

I'm sorry you felt it was insulting.

Armpit Studios said...

Selfish? Sustaining one's health and enjoying the flavor of succulent meat is selfish? Yeah, lions are selfish too. The bastards. Lions should learn to eat tofu and dirt.

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.