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UPDATED: A First Detailed Look At The Coach Branded Barbie (and Pre-order link)

Coach and Mattel have teamed up to introduce Coach Barbie which will be unveiled to the US public on August 7th.

The 12" tall co-branded doll is wearing a long version of Coach's short plaid tattersall trench , a black and green striped top, a suede red fringed skirt with gold buttons, and is accessorized with a mini Coach red bucket real leather handbag (comes in its own draw-string pouch), tiny round red framed eyeglasses and a miniature pair of Coach's high-heeled red, camel and navy leather shoes with tassle.

Similar to the Burberry Barbie launched a few years back (I have to admit, I've always thought of Coach as the poor man's Burberry), the plastic Fashionista will be a limited edition and coveted by stylish barbie lovers everywhere.

She's being promoted through the Coach facebook page with a giveaway in which you guess the handbag she'll be sporting (I kind of gave that away, didn't I?) and you're entered into a sweepstakes with a chance to win the doll.

Like the limited edition co-branded Barbies of the past, she will sell out quickly. You can pre-order the Coach Barbie here for $119 and free shipping.

images courtesy of Barbie Collector, Barbie Store Malaysia, Coach, The White Board Beauty and Fashion Blog and Barbie List Holland.

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