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La Dolce Vespa. Limited Edition Vespas Inspired by Classic Italian Speedboats.

Digital Veneer in Auckland, New Zealand, provides ultra high quality environmentally responsible alternatives to the use of real wood, marble, granite and stone in the aviation, marine, automotive and high-end architectural markets.

They began their Designer Series of Limited Edition "Tribute" Vespas last February with the GTV Tribute Vespa, using the larger model as a canvas on which to try out a Mahogany veneered version of the originally Italian scooter.

The Limited Edition GTV "Tribute" Vespa:

GTV Specs:

Now, they have released Limited Edition LX50 and LX150 "Tribute" Vespas.

LX50 and LX150 Specs:

The styling and prestige of these limited edition Vespas evoke famous Italian speedboats from the 1960’s with their Mahogany mirror finish and hand stitched leather seats.

Each brand new Vespa is transformed by craftsmen into an authentic and unique work of art and carries a numbered limited edition silver plaque. Their personal customization service is also available to meet any specific requirements you might have.

What is Digital Veneer?

The Digital Veneer™ process decorates 3-dimensional and flat surface products made from plastics, metals, foam, wood, composites and any other structural material with a variety of finishes which exactly replicate the look and feel of natural and man made materials.

Digital Veneer™ is a fraction of the weight of real wood veneers and stone equating to lighter structures and significant fuel savings in aircraft, boats and automobiles.

Digital Veneer™ has the following three significant benefits:

• Environmentally Responsible: With exotic hardwoods, teak and other timber products becoming hard to obtain the ability to replicate the look without using valuable scarce resources.

• Lightweight: Using foams and advanced composites we are able to make hand rails, tables, flooring and cabinets that weigh 60 - 70% less than comparable units made from wood.

• Durability and Flame resistant: Considerable cost savings in maintenance can be achieved using 'Digital Veneer'TM. Utilizing our high solids top coating system developed in conjunction with Awlgrip outside products need only be re-coated every 2 - 3 years opposed to every 2 - 3 months for wood / varnish. As the sub straights are made from a stable material they will not warp, split or swell. The composite construction makes the product stronger than real wood products.

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