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Pencils Packaged To Make the Portrait of Russian Mathematician Grigori Perelman.

Using a portrait of Russian Mathematician Grigori Perelman by artist Jules Julian, designers Alan Temiraev and Volodenka Zotov created a beautifully designed pencil set.

The packaging is designed so that when intact, the eight individually boxed graphite pencils make up the illustrated portrait, by Jules Julien, of the Russian mathematician Grigori Perelman, famous for solving the the legendary Poincaré Conjecture.*

The beautifully designed pencil box has a die-cut window in the shape of the portrait's head and foil stamping. The interior of the box has a color printed image of the universe.

Each graphite pencil is a different degree of lead  (2H, H, F, HB, B, 2B, 3B, 4B) and individually packaged in multi-colored four-sided boxes so that, when properly aligned, they make up the graphic portrait of Perelman seen through the die-cut window.

Grigori (or Grigory) Perelman:

*Perelman solved the legendary Poincaré Conjecture, one of the world's most difficult mathematical tasks. He was awarded the Field Medal but Perelman didn't show up to claim the award, and said he doesn't want it. He told a British newspaper, "I do not think anything that I say can be of the slightest public interest." Refusing to take the one million dollars in prize money, he remarked "Why do I need a million dollars if I can control the universe?"

Designers: Alan Temiraev, Volodenka Zotov
Illustrators: Julien Jules, Phil
images courtesy of The Bold Studio on behance, first sighted on Fubiz

Write Design: Clever Pencil Sets From Paper Pastries

above: the Chef's Pencil Set has basic cooking definitions printed on No.2 pencils

Paper Pastries is a Los Angeles-based greeting card and stationery company run by Margaret Haas. The site and her accompanying etsy store offer custom invitations, announcements, and calligraphy.

Amongst her clever and cute stationery items, she also offers five fun and original pencil sets which make great and affordable gifts.

Know It All Pencil Set:

Set of 6 pencils: 

PI is 3.14159265358979323846 Gray pencil with red writing 

H20 BOILING POINT 100C 212F Pastel Blue pencil with orange writing 

I BEFORE E EXCEPT AFTER C Yellow pencil with green writing 

1920 WOMEN'S SUFFRAGE Red pencil with dark blue writing 

Primary Colors-Red, Yellow, Blue 

No. 2 pencils
Comes in a 5 x 8 muslin bag. 
"Know-it-all pencil set" is stamped in brown on bag.

New York Pencil Set

The greatest pencil set on earth for the greatest city on earth, 
representing all boroughs:
Set of 6 pencils, comes in a 5 x 8 muslin bag. 
"New York pencil set" and the skyline is stamped in black on bag.
No. 2 pencils

Chef's Pencil Set:

If you ever need a quick reminder of what that term means, just check your pencil! 
Perfect for the chef, or aspiring cook in your life.
Comes in a 5 x 8 muslin bag. 
"Chef's pencil set" is stamped in green on bag.
no. 2 pencils

Make a Point Pencil Set:

Inspired by leather bound book collections.
Set of 6 pencils, 2 of each:
Noteworthy- gold writing on burgundy pencil

Get the lead out- gold writing on blue pencil

Do the write thing- gold writing on a brown pencil.
No. 2 pencils
Comes in a 5 x 8 muslin bag. 
"Make A Point pencil set" is stamped in blue on bag.

Enamored Pencil Set:

Perfect to give away to family, friends & sweethearts- and still keep one for yourself.
Set of 6 pencils, 2 of each:
Xoxoxox- red writing on light pink pencil 

You're just my type- white writing on a red pencil 

Blue without you- red writing on a light blue pencil
No. 2 pencils
Comes in a 5 x 8 muslin bag. 
"Enamored pencil set" is stamped in red on bag.

Paper Pastries, Confections For Your Correspondence

Each set is $10.00 and you can purchase them here along with other items by Paper Pastries.

Pencil Sets by Melbourne Graffiti Artist Ghostpatrol

For someone who supposedly has a satirical black sense of humor, these pieces of artwork (which consist of assembled pencils, carved or cut to make the wood core a canvas and then painted upon) are some of the sweetest things I've ever seen. Framed as shown below, artist Ghostpatrol has created variations of these assemblages, using different types and colors of the pencils and numerous colored backgrounds on which they are mounted.

above: One of his pencil sets as framed

Ghostpatrol, a self-taught Melbourne artist who conceals his given birth name, is best know for his street graffiti, er.... urban art. But these assemblages, one of his other many talents, are beautiful little crafted pieces of whimsical narratives. Yes, some have dark subject matter, but it only makes them that much more appealing. And they are for sale, framed, if still available.

Here are just a few of them:

Prices for his pencil sets, framed and ready to hang, start at $1,950.00 USD. You can buy them here.

Ghostpatrol Bio:
Born In Hobart, Australia
Works and lives in Melbourne Australia

A self taught illustrator. Ghostpatrol has moved from the field of stencil art to exhibit his illustration based work worldwide. He currently resides in Melbourne at his ‘Mitten Fortress’ studio. His work ranges form fine ink drawing, graffiti, commissioned murals and soft sculpture.

above: one example of Ghostpatrol's street art

You can’t describe Ghostpatrol in one paragraph. Over a couple of years of the most regular contact I have had with any graffiti writer GP is as hard to truly understand now as on day one.

Incredibly innovative and driven by creative impulses, with an infinite injection of energy, GP will always surprise. He sculpts, paints, draws and sews. GP works with whatever media he can find or afford to purchase including but not limited to spray cans, paper, pens, markers, wood, clay and so on. He has so many fingers in different creative pies he could be an octopus.

above: Ghostpatrol

His pen and ink drawings are delicate, rapidly produced and yet are meticulous in their detail and always bordering on the darker side of our nature. Conversely his large paste-ups are simple in design, but highly effective in capturing your attention.

He has a deep-seated sense of the ironic, and an almost black satirical humour – the monthly hard-rubbish collections are dotted with his anecdotal commentaries. Not noted for sculpture at this stage of his development, GP will for sure venture into this arena also, and when he does he will sculpt big. Ghostpatrol in a few words – dark, moody, energetic and passionate. He knows what he wants and he knows how to realise his dreams.  -Matthew Lunn (author of Street Art Uncut)

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