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Commode for Four Please. A Restaurant Flush with Creativity: W'duck in Portugal

"Theme" restaurants have been around for decades. From the comical "Medieval Times" to the more recent and hip "Bed" where you ate upon mattresses, in Chelsea, New York (which, by the way, has already closed).

So, perhaps I shouldn't be surprised that a restaurant where you are seated upon toilets while dining and wipe your mouth and hands with toilet paper, actually exists. W'Duck is in Portugal. And despite the apparent lack of 'appetite appeal', the restaurants' food had received good reviews.

Their website is in Portuguese but has all the menus as well as the ability to make online reservations.

Below are some pictures of W'duck:

The article/review below was reprinted from the coolhunter By Tuija Seipell

Do you mind sitting on the toilet while you dine? Or wiping your mouth with toilet paper? Don’t bother showing up at W’Duck in Matosinhos if you need to think about your answer. Since December 2006, W’Duck has occupied the old Sapataria Concalve space at 245 Avenida da Rep├║blica in this small port town.

Eccentric seating is just one of the many wonders in this fantastic eatery-store-exhibit space-performance stage. The food is mainly Mediterranean and organic (and fabulous), the atmosphere changes based on the time of day and the Lojas -- or tiny shops - are full of surprises. The fun concept was created by artist Ivo Teixeira who is also one of four partners in the endeavor.

One of the Lojas sells organic food, wine and beer, Cocktailmolotov sells accessories, Tub Club sells aromatic and delicious-looking bath products, De Banho sells bathroom accessories such as ducks and slippers. Aquas Furtadas (stolen waters) sells an eclectic selection of Portuguese fashion and accessories by Passivite (also partner in the enterprise), Designwise, Ecoteca, Bombaamor and many others. W’Duck is a place that really does make you look twice – and go back many times more. And leave the lid down, please.

So, next time you're in Portugal and hungry for something different, check out W'duck.
Just don't forget to wipe.


As if one restaurant promoting toilets seats as chairs weren't enough, there's actually a chain of Modern toilet restaurants in Taiwan, check them out here.

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