All great magazines shift, shuffle, find space and re-shape to survive and prosper and Wallpaper* is no exception. Changing tastes, and our own success, are clearly mapped in this gallery of our first 100 covers. From the tentative first steps, back in 1996, through confident camp to the audacious experimental leaps that we have undertaken in the last year, Wallpaper* has always dared to bare, break boundaries and, occasionally, bemuse. We've still got it covered.

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I've long been a fan of Wallpaper magazine. Having had a subscription since they began, I've seen many of these fabulous covers. Now, you can see them all and vote as to which you think is the best.

You'll also get a chance to win the hot new Wallpaper City Guides (seen below):

To see all 100 covers, click here.

Vote for your favourite and be in with a chance to win a set of Wallpaper* City Guides.

below are a few of my favorites from the past decade:

Now you go tell them which one is your favorite!

To see all 100 covers, click here.

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