Meet Photographer Todd Baxter

So, I came upon a new talent today.
Photographer Todd Baxter was PDN's Guest Editor, Liz Miller Gershfeld's Pick.

In her own words, Liz states:
" -- Themes of taxidermy, disaffection and 70's era A/V equipment made me look twice at Todd Baxter's unique vision of the world around him. His vision is strong, but its execution subtle. I called in his book and there is more there: strong problem solving and a little more ferocity. All of it beautiful and in a palette that hangs together. His styling is quirky and smart and works really well. I love the woman with the skinned knees lying at the foot of a tree and the bird cupped in someone's hands. It makes me feel bittersweet, like Radiohead. I am excited he is in my own backyard of Chicago."

I took a look at his work ad he has the uncanny ability of combining the charming with the bizarre. Here are a few of my personal favorites:

To see his entire online portfolio, click here.

Some of Todd Baxter's clients are listed below:

Element 79
Energy BBDO
Jacobs Agency
Kenya Airlines
I'm Smitten
Taylor Cheng
Club Libby Lu /Saks Inc.
Chicago Creative Club
ACE Hardware
Condé Nast /GQ
Punk Planet
Pistil Magazine
Slam Magazine
Random House
Akashic Books

here's his contact info:
Todd Baxter
workbook portfolio

represented by Somlo Talent

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