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A Giant Floating Skate Ramp In Lake Tahoe For Bob Burnquist.

floating skate ramp hero IIHIH

Pro-skater Bob Burnquist has skated on almost every surface imaginable. Now he can add the surface of the water to that list. As part of California's Dream 365 Project, a collection of inspiring videos, photos, memes, tweets and more designed to increase tourism to California, Burnquist proves he can Dream Big and builds a large floating skate ramp in the waters of gorgeous Lake Tahoe.

floating skate ramp 1 IIHIH floating skate ramp 9 IIHIH floating skate ramp 2 IIHIH floating skate ramp 6 IIHIH floating skate ramp 5 IIHIH floating skate ramp 4 IIHIH floating skate ramp 11 IIHIH floating skate ramp 8 IIHIH floating skate ramp 7 IIHIH floating skate ramp 10 IIHIH

Behind the Scenes
Once upon a time we came upon a photo of a floating skate ramp. We thought it was a totally cool idea, but when we did a little research, we discovered the image was a fake—someone’s Photoshopped fantasy. Bummer, we thought—but then we got inspired. “Let’s build our own,” we cried, “and let’s have pro skater Bob Burnquist skate on it—in Lake Tahoe!” Somehow our crazy idea seemed just fine to Bob, who had his own designers join us for four days to build this ramp “floating” above Lake Tahoe. Brazilian-born Bob loved the ramp so much he wants one just like it built at his waterfront home in his home country (only because his San Diego spread—where he has his own super-pipe—doesn’t have any waterfront). Cool fact: For our shoot, a wet-suited snorkeler was at the ready to dive for Bob’s skateboard every time it went over the edge and into the big blue.

floating skate ramp #dreambig IIHIH

Find a dream, fuel your dream or just see something awesome at the Official Dream365 Project site.

Marge Simpson Is Brought To Life.

Photographer Alexander Khokhlov has brought Matt Groening's cartoon character Marge Simpson to life through the art of make-up.

above: Marge’s hair was created with the real chrysanthemums painted in blue.

Here’s a backstage video from the shooting of Marge Simpson image.

Face-art: Veronica Ershova
Hairstyle, flowers: Mikhail Kravchenko
Model: Kate Moukhina
Photographer: Alexander Khokhlov

The Silence Of Dogs In Cars Photographed by Martin Usborne


Most people balk at leaving a dog alone in a parked car for many a good reason; dangers of overheating or freezing, dog-napping, and yes, loneliness. London-based fine art photographer and animal lover /activist Martin Usborne, captures the forlorn and melancholy beauty of these poignant animals in his 96 page hardcover photo book The Silence of Dogs in Cars


"I was once left in a car at a young age. I don’t know when or where or for how long, possibly at the age of four, perhaps outside a supermarket, probably for fifteen minutes only. The details don’t matter. The point is that I wondered if anyone would come back. The fear I felt was strong: in a child’s mind it is possible to be alone forever."- Martin Usborne


Martin Usborne's photo series consists of over forty-five images of dogs gazing silently through car windows, often in the dead of night. The images, which are staged and highly cinematic, evoke a mood of loneliness and longing. They are not so much portraits of dogs as studies in separation: on one level referring to the separation between humans and (other) animals but on another the separation within ourselves, between our everyday selves and the rawer (more animal) parts that we keep locked away. The photographs draw on the work of Edward Hopper and Gregory Crewdson.


"Around the same age I began to feel a deep affinity with animals – in particular their plight at the hands of humans. I saw a TV documentary that included footage of a dog being put in a plastic bag and being kicked. What appalled me most was that the dog could not speak back. I should say that I was a well-loved child and never abandoned and yet it is clear that both these experiences arose from the same place deep inside me: a fear of being alone and unheard." - Martin Usborne

More images from the book below:

Purchase the book The Silence of Dogs in Cars

Martin Usborne

images courtesy of Martin Usborne's Facebook page, with a few additional images from National Traveller 

The Micro Compact Home Is Proof That Good Things Come In Small Packages

mch exterior 1 IIHIH

The micro compact home is a high quality compact dwelling for one or two people. Its neat dimensions of a 2.66m cube adapt it to a variety of sites and circumstances, and its functioning sleeping, working/dining, cooking and bath spaces make it suitable for everyday use.

mch exterior hero IIHIH
mch interior 9 IIHIH

The m-ch is the outcome of a research project at Technical University Munich to design a 2.6m cube dwelling. The project was initiated by Prof. Richard Horden with his team of students and assistants in 2001 and as of 2011, there have been over 15 built and installed.


The team of researchers and designers based in London and at the Technical University in Munich developed the m-ch as an answer to an increasing demand for short stay living accommodation for students, business people, sports and leisure use and for weekenders. The m-ch, now in use and available throughout Europe, combines techniques for high quality compact 'living' spaces deployed in aircraft, yachts, cars, and micro apartments. Its design has been informed by the classic scale and order of a Japanese teahouse, combined with advanced concepts and technologies. Living in an m-ch means focusing on the essential - less is more. The use of progressive materials complements the sleek design. Quality of design, touch and use are the key objectives for the micro compact home team for 'short stay smart living'.

mch exterior 3 IIHIH

The Micro-compact Home may be arranged as a single unit raised above the ground on a light aluminium frame and placed in a garden for private use. its compact dimensions make it easily integrated with shrubs and trees.


mch interior 1 IIHIHmch interior 7b IIHIHmch interior 8a IIHIHmch interior 8 IIHIHmch interior 4 IIHIHmch interior 2 IIHIH mch interior 3 IIHIHmch exterior 8 IIHIHmch interior 7 IIHIHKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAmch interior 6 IIHIH
mch interior 10 IIHIH

Inside the m-ch features:
• Two compact double beds, each measuring 198cm x 107cm, with covered cushions.
• Storage space for bedding and cleaning equipment.
• Sliding table measuring 105cm x 65cm, for dining for up to five people.
• Flat screen television in the living/dining space
• Shower and toilet cubicle
• Kitchen area fitted with electrical points and featuring a double hob, sink and extending tap, microwave, fridge and freezer units, three compartment waste unit, storage shelves, cutlery drawers with gentle return sprung slides and double level work surfaces.
• Air conditioning, water heating, fire alarm and smoke detectors.
• Thermostat controlled ducted warm air heating or electric under floor are available alternatives.

Micro-compact Home may be grouped in horizontal or vertical arrangements in compact clusters, or form larger villages for social or student accommodation or for short-stay business or leisure uses.

The 02 Student Village:
above: The o2 Student Village in Munch is a village of seven micro-compact homes, sponsored by international telecoms company O2 Germany, was built at the Technical University Munich. Each 2.65m cube features high technology, including broadband and standard internet links a plasma screen and high quality kitchen and bathroom appliances, some provided by co-sponsors, Siemens.

Spin-offs include the Tree Village, the Golden Cube, low e-home and snowboard village, all of which demonstrate how the basic concept can be adapted for a number of uses, environments and cultures.

technical specifications
mch misc 5 IIHIH

The m-ch has a timber frame structure with anodised or polyester powder coated aluminium external cladding finishes, insulated with polyurethane foam and fitted with aluminium frame double glazed windows and front door with security double lock; graphics can be applied for sponsors, exhibition and business use.

mch misc 4 IIHIHmch misc 3 IIHIHmch misc 2 IIHIH

The m-ch measures 266cm x 266cm x 266cm. The ceiling height is 198cm and the door width is 60cm.

Price is 38,000 EUR (that's $52,405.80 USD)

The quoted price is for a single unit and frame and does not include delivery, installation and connection to services, consultant’s fees and taxes. Subject to site conditions the inclusive guide price is 50,000-90,000 EUR depending on the landscape fees and infrastructure.

In special cases such as helicopter delivery an aluminium frame is used. Approximately 30% of the weight of a standard micro home (2.2 tons approx. the same as a Bentley Continental) is plywood and timber framing.

mch helicopter deliverymch helicopter delivery2

While the micro homes are being assembled, the site is prepared with services, simple pad foundations, pathways and planting. Immediately before truck delivery of the 2.6m cube the aluminium subframe is installed on site and the micro home is usually lifted into place using a portable crane which minimizes damage to the landscape.


As of January 2011 there have been fifteen micro compact homes built. Installations have been made for The Museum of Modern Art in New York, UBS Bank in Zurich Switzerland, O2 Telecom in Germany and for various private clients with sites overlooking Lake Zurich and now planned for Lake Maggiore near Ascona and at Millbrook in New York State.

Wanna buy one?
m-ch units are available to purchase for delivery to geographical Europe at a guide price of EUR 38,000 (subject to contract). This price includes all interior fittings. Subject to site conditions, the price excludes delivery, installation, connection to services, consultant’s fees and taxes.

The m-ch is delivered from their production center in Austria and they advise an average of 8-10 weeks delivery from the date of order.

All sales inquiries to:
Emma Masip-Font
micro compact home ltd
tel 00 44 [0]20 7495 4119

m-ch ltd.
micro-compact home ltd. is managed by director, Prof. Richard Horden, who is also chairman of the architectural practice in London, Horden Cherry Lee Architects.

For complete credits of everyone involved in the project, research, design and production, go here.

images from mch, Horden Cherry Lee Architects, and Archiexpo

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