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The Mirror House, Transformed Into A "Fun"ctional Pavilion In Copenhagen by MLRP

MLRP of Denmark transformed a somewhat sad existing structure into an inviting reflective pavilion to engage interaction and play. The structure, which is in a public playground in Copenhagen, is now used by kindergarten classes and includes restrooms.

Funhouse mirrors are mounted on the gabled ends of this playground pavilion as well as behind the doors. This engages a play with perspective, reflection and transformation.

Instead of a typical closed gable facade, the mirrored gables creates a sympathetic transition between built and landscape and reflects the surrounding park, playground and activity. Windows and doors are integrated in the wood-clad facade behind facade shutters with varied bent mirror panel effects. At night the shutters are closed making the building anonymous. During the day the building opens up, attracting the children who enjoy seeing themselves transformed in all directions.

With simple means it has succeeded to transform an existing, sad and anonymous building to a unique and respectful installation in the newly renovated park. The roof and facade is clad with heat-modified sustainable wood and the gables and shutters are clad with mirror polished stainless steel. The Mirror House is a flexible space and restrooms, used by kindergarden classes.

Project type: Playground Pavilion
Year: Completed Nov 2011
Site: Fælledparken

, Copenhagen
Client: City of Copenhagen – CAU and the fund of Mærsk McKinney Møller & wife Chastine McKinney Møller
Engineer: Grontmij A/S
Landscape: GHB Landskab A/S
Contractor: A.F.Hansen
Area: 140 m2
Building Sum: 1.700.000 Dkr

Robert W. Paulsen, Mads H. Lund, Joana Pimenta, Sara Marie Malmros

MLRP / Architecture, Research & Development / +45 2971 4515 / Ryesgade 19a / 2200 København N / Denmark

A Bald Artist Uses His Head As A Canvas: Meet James Kuhn

above: James Kuhn as Mr. T (note the doll's arm stuck up his nose)

Self-described artist, drag queen, former nudist, born again Christian, average 46 year old guy (hardly!) James Kuhn likes to paint his face. And I'm not just talking about a little gloss and guyliner. I'm talking complete transformations! In some cases he even adds doll parts, paper extensions and more. But there's no sense in trying to describe it, you simply have to see his self-portraits.

above: just a few of his hundreds of transformations, also available as a poster.

The following are a few of my favorites from his extensive sets on flickr. They are high res, so they may take awhile to download. Click on them to enlarge and see the details.

Conan (note the one 'shared eye'):

Cat with mouse:


Bluto and Popeye:

Woody the Woodpecker:

Polar Bear and Eskimo:

The Marx Brothers (he's upside down):

Bathing Beauty (her breasts are his nostrils):

Baby Doll (with plastic body glued to his head-he's upside down):

Pretzel Lion (yes, the mane is made of pretzels):

Flying Monkey (from the Wizard of Oz)



The Lollipop Guild (from the Wizard of Oz):

Check him out as a Gremlin, A moving Gremlin!

from his flickr profile:
I am not a photographer, but i take alot of photo's! My camera is a Canon Powershot A610 5.0 Mega Pixels, and i love it!!! I am an artist, drag queen, former nudist, born again Christian, average 46 year old guy...well maybe not exactly average! I love to paint on anything, including flesh! Mostly i paint images from the bible in a style i call "Paint Mosaic" a collage style made up of painted watercolor paper, cut up and assembled onto canvas. Currently i am having fun making photographic self portrait's, involving face painting. Face paint is the most exciting thing that has happened to me in a long while! I believe it may have magical powers! My "normal" painting has taken a back seat to my face work lately. For my face paints, i use Kryolan Aqua Color, Snazaroo, and Paradise by Mehron. I attended Burning Man in Nevada three years in a row and it was amazing!!! I believe it completely changed the way i think about art and perhaps the purpose for which i even make art. Art should never be a product. It should be a gift of love and a prayer. Art is silly, and fun, and can be powerful and sacred. I do show in galleries, but selling should never be your motivation for creating art. Check out my websites and I attend a gay affirming church and its great! Jesus died for EVERYONE! I am not a gay Christian, i am a Christian [ in progress! Gods not finished with me yet! ] who happens to be gay. I'm Male and Single.
See tons more of James Kunh's transformations on flickr here.

If you'd like to purchase one of his books, or posters or more, you can do so at his Qoop store here. If you're into body painting, don't miss these amazing artists:

Guido Daniele

  Emma Hack


C'mon people, it's only a dollar.