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Movieclips Mocks Apple iPhone Maps in Three Movie Parodies: Hunger Games, The Dark Knight and The Shining.

Apple's iPhone (iOS 6) continues to receive grief over their highly criticized map app versus Google maps. The latest to skewer the highly criticized technology is Movieclips with their parodies of the iPhone 5 map app in The Hunger Games, Batman: The Dark Knight and The Shining.

See what happens when your favorite movie characters use their iPhone 5 and apple maps to achieve a goal.

Hunger Games:


The Shining:

"Leaked Official Apple iPhone 5 Promo" Parody Mocks Tech Lovers and Social Media Whores.

Written, directed and edited by Adam Sacks, this parody, "LEAKED Official Apple iPhone 5 Promo Video - Keynote 2012" is amusing and well done. Mocking those of us who shoot food with our iPhones and engage is the act of over-sharing on all the popular social sites, the almost 2 minute video even pokes fun at Siri.

Writeen, directed and edited by Adam Sacks
Starring Avery Monsen
Shot by Matt Braunsdorf
Food photography by Helen Rosner

The Air Poo: Tech Satire From New York's LOLZ

The creative folks at New York's LOLZ (a self described "Digital Whatever" agency) had some fun a few months back when Apple's Air Book was launched. They created a micro site touting the Air Poo (trademarked, of course), the most convenient way to surf the net while seated comfortably and enjoying surround sound, all while ridding yourself of excess waste.

If you didn't catch this Poonovation (their word) the first time it made the rounds, you can catch it here. It's well done, very humorous and... the sort of concept, that if every actually produced, probably would have longer waiting lists than the iPhone did.

See the mock site here.
See more of their fun and engaging work and learn about LOLZ LLC here

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