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The site you are now on serves as an archive of the posts written from 2007-2014. It is still a great resource, and just plain surfing fun, with over 4000 posts and over 82,000 images.

Every post written since April 2014 is located at

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Merry Christmas!

If It's Hip, It's Here wishes each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and much health and happiness in the new year.

Wishing You All A Very Hip Christmas.

To all my readers - faithful and infrequent - thanks for the kind notes, interesting submissions and continued readership. Your encouragement and compliments make the daily task of blogging very rewarding.

I wish you all a happy and healthy holiday from the bottom of my heart.

I really appreciate your continued readership and plan to bring you a year of new and exciting posts. Happy New Year to everyone!

The Hottest of What's Hip: My Top 12 Posts of The Past Year

As I reflect on 2008, I'm very flattered and fortunate to have had lots of nice press for my blog, my social shopping picks and my taste during the past year. Some of these include this recent article in Businessweek, an appearance on KTLA, an article in the LA Times and wonderful mentions from fellow bloggers, design sites and designers.

I wanted to share with you the 12 posts of the 540 posts I wrote in 2008 that garnered the most interest. Not that these were my most well-written posts, nor the most researched, but simply based upon web metrics (hits, page views, links from other sites, etc.)

Whether it was because my posts were 'picked up' by such widely read sites as NOTCOT, Racked, Boing Boing, FFFound, Designboom, Dezeen, Trendhunter, Core 77, as well as several large international sites in Japan, the Netherlands, South America and the UK, or because the subject matter simply generated continual interest throughout the year, here are the stories, in no particular order, that seemed to pique the interests of my readers the most in 2008:

Read it.

Read it.

Read it.

Read it.

Read it.

Read it.

Read it.

Read it.

Read it.

Read it.

Read it.

Read it.

addendum: One of my most widely read posts of 2008 was actually written in 2007, about belgian artist Wim Delvoye's tattooing of pigs.

Read it.

It was clearly my most controversial post to date and the updated post in 2008 continued to generate a great deal of interest - and yes, more controversy.

I promise to continue to bring you unusual posts related to art, design, style and fashion throughout 2009. Thanks so much for reading and I hope you continue to enjoy if It's Hip, It's Here.

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For those of you who generously submit things about which you'd like me to write, please search the blog first at the top in the google search box to see if I've already blogged about it, because I receive several emails with submissions for things about which I have already written.

In regards to advertising and affiliations, I will be creating a press kit and price list this year to furnish potential and interested parties.

Happy New Year!
May your 2009 be filled with happiness, health, love and art.

with love,
Laura (and Indie, the Jack Russell)

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