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Handmade Skull Ponytail Holders by Michael R. Doyle of Moon Raven Designs Are Boo-tiful.

I came across these quite by accident and immediately fell in love with them. As a matter of fact, I had to buy one - and did. Beautifully rendered skulls hand cast in various materials are placed on elastic bands for use as pony tail holders. Available as yellow bronze, sterling silver plated white bronze, black resin, ivory resin and even a sugar skull version cast in oxidized sterling overlay on white bronze. Prices vary depending upon materials.


Sterling Silver Plated White Bronze:

Black Resin:

White Resin:

Oxidized Sterling over White Bronze:

A black resin Raven skull and sterling silver over white bronze T-Rex skull are also available:

The bands are easily replaceable (as one would not want to have to toss the piece of art when the elastic is stretched out). 

Moon Raven Designs (Mrd74 on etsy) of Victoria, British Colombia is jewelry with an edge inspired by nature - ravens, crows, wolves, bears and much more. They specialize in Corvidae skull jewelry and it's all handmade in Canada by Michael R Doyle who works with his wife Dianne.

Some other examples of their work:

They ship worldwide, have superb reviews on etsy and make lots of beautiful pieces of jewelry and accessories.

Shop the etsy store here

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Army Men Jewelry from Knight&Hammer Benefits the Military Order of the Purple Heart.

What better jewelry to post about on Memorial Day than a collection of 'Army Men' inspired rings and necklaces whose purchase benefits those who gave so commendably to their country?

Knight&Hammer is dedicated to jewelry for the greater good designed with even greater creativity. Three lavishly gilded action figure rings (Sniper, Shooter and Recon) and two necklaces (Recon and Make Love, Not War) are part of their Jewelry with a Conscience line, where a portion of the proceeds from the sale of these items benefit the Military Order of the Purple Heart

The Products

SNIPER Ring, cast in bronze with their signature shank, gilded in either 18k Rose Gold-leaf , 18k Yellow Gold-leaf or Platinum-leaf :

Buy it here

SHOOTER Ring, cast in bronze with their signature shank, gilded in either 18k Rose Gold-leaf, 18k Yellow Gold-leaf or Platinum-leaf:

Buy it here

RECON ring, cast in bronze with their signature shank and gilded in 18k Yellow Gold-leaf, 18k Rose Gold-leaf or Platinum-leaf with a 3” army man.

Buy it here

RECON necklace in 18k Yellow gold-leaf gild, 18k Rose Gold-leaf Gild or Platinum-leaf gild with a 3” army man on 18” black matte enameled steel chain necklace:

Buy it here

MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR necklace, 18K yellow gold gild, 3 army men each approximately 3” with black matte enameled steel chain totaling 18” necklace with 3 dangling Swarovski heart crystals:

Buy it here

This special collection of Army Men jewelry by Knight&Hammer can not be found on their website. However, you can purchase these items from their etsy store (they are not available from their website store).


Joseph Knight is the creative force and designer of all Knight&Hammer Collections. Starting in 2003, under his discerning eye, he has placed limited selections of Knight&Hammer Collections in luxury boutique retailers in New York, Philadelphia, Castle Rock, Boston, and Seattle.

Knight&Hammer is dedicated to evolving the best ideas, materials, and techniques from their global jewelry heritage into innovative, fashion forward designs. The Knight&Hammer lifestyle encourages adornment with consideration to the broad scope of beauty throughout the world. They will continually develop their unique brand position and recognition while always adhering to the highest quality standards in design and precious materials.

Knight&Hammer developed the motto: Jewelry with a ConscienceTM. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each piece from this collection is donated to charity.

They have created specific pieces of Jewelry with a ConscienceTM benefiting the following organizations:

You are able to acquire other Knight&Hammer jewelry on-line here.

Happy Memorial Day!

Be sure to see these hip Military-inspired products I've found over the years.

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