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Domestic Hunger: A Vinyl Carnivorous Bird House by Blaine Fontana and A Special Custom Version.

above left: Domestic Hunger for Kid Robot; above right: Custom hand-painted version by the artist

A red bird perched on an almost completely jet black carnivorous bird house is an original sculpted vinyl piece by artist Blaine Fontana for Kid Robot Black.

Produced in a limited edition of 200, each piece is hand numbered with the artist's signature engraved on the back. Packaged in a display box, Domestic Hunger also has two options for installation - hanging or wall mounted.

“Like a siren, Domestic Hunger lures. Grounded by gleaming roots spreading from its base, its glossy upturned roof and weathered texture speak of home. A home with pointed teeth and hungry tongue. Like an insatiable pet, it must be fed.
Every house is hungry for company.”- Kidrobot
$500 USD each.
These can be purchased here.

The Custom Hand-Painted Version:

above: Blaine Fontana holds his customized one-off version of Domestic Hunger

Here's a look at a special alternative one of a kind custom hand painted version with feather that was raffled off by Blaine on his site when the product was launched earlier this year:

the above version is no longer available

Domestic Hunger (Black) AP:
Artist Blaine Fontana also offers the Kidrobot Black – Domestic Hunger AP’s (Artists Proofs)  which consist of the 17” sculptural piece with an additional 12 x 12″ hand signed and numbered giclee print, with each box signed by Blaine.

Product Description:
17 x 7 1/2 x 7 1/2″ sculptural piece
•12 x 12″ Giclée
•1″ Bleed
•Limited Edtition of 10
•Hand Signed & Numbered
•100% Acid free Textured Cotton Rag
•300 gm
• Museum Quality
Exclusively available through his web store.

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