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Air Heads. Animal Balloons with Stick-On Features by designer Hector Serrano.

You may recall the fabulous Animal and Monster Hands by Hector Serrano for NPW created last year. Now, he's come up with another wonderful creative idea for children (or adults who like to play).

Serrano has designed Air Heads - six animal balloon heads (Bird, Bear, Koala, Tiger, Rhino and Pig) complete with paper sculpture features one can fold and stick onto the colored balloons.

The paper flap system means no need for glue.

Each animal consists of a balloon on a wand, plus pre-cut colour features which are attached with sticky pads. Also included are colour stickers for eyes and features.

Pack size 293 x 215mm, everything you need to create six charming animal heads.

Available for purchase here soon

Monster & Animal Hands By Designer Hector Serrano

Designer Hector Serrano's Monster and Animal Hands are temporary tattoos for children that turn their hands into adorable little monsters or animals. Sold as set of 8 monsters or 8 animals, they are safe and simple to apply (just use with water). Instructions included. Box size 130 x 110 x 18mm.

The artwork is really beautiful.

Take a look:

The Animals:

The Monsters:

Buy either here.

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