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Louis Vuitton, Deitch & Rizzoli Continue To Love Stephen Sprouse

Artist and design pioneer Stephen Sprouse may no longer be with us physically, but you'll see more of his work in January, 2009 than you may have ever before thanks to a retrospective show at the Deitch gallery, a new limited edition Book by Rizzoli and a new tribute collection from Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton.

Above: Marc Jacobs new 2009 tribute Collection for Louis Vuitton

Stephen Sprouse (1953-2004) was one of the most influential fashion designers of his time and a key figure in the dynamic mix of punk rock, wild style graffiti, and street influenced fashion that characterized the downtown New York community in the early 1980s. He was one of the first to build on the influence of Andy Warhol to create a fusion of art, music and fashion. He continued on a course that disavowed any division among these fields throughout his career.

Rock on Mars, a retrospective exhibition of the work of Stephen Sprouse, will transform Deitch Projects’s 18 Wooster Street gallery into a realization of Sprouse’s rock and roll futuristic vision. The exhibition at Deitch will introduce Sprouse’s extraordinary pop-influenced paintings to the larger art audience. His paintings of iconic rock and roll imagery including stacks of loudspeakers, Sid Vicious with his pants down, and an Iggy Pop crucifixion, have rarely been seen.

The show will also include a selection of the video works made to accompany his runway shows, examples of his fabric and furniture design for Knoll, and fifty of his most influential fashion looks, as well as the following nine images:

Above: Stephen Sprouse, Self-Portrait, Early Years, Courtesy Sprouse Family Archives

Above: Stephen Sprouse, Debbie Harry Cut Out Dress Polaroid, Courtesy Sprouse Family Archives

Above: Stephen Sprouse, Debbie Harry Green Dress Polaroid, Courtesy Sprouse Family Archives

Above: Stephen Sprouse, Speaker Painting, Courtesy Sprouse Family Archives

Above: Stephen Sprouse, TV Sketch, Courtesy Sprouse Family Archives

Above: Stephen Sprouse, Scan Line Sketch, Courtesy Sprouse Family Archives

Above: Stephen Sprouse, Iggy on the Cross, Courtesy Sprouse Family Archives

Above: Stephen Sprouse, Fall 1984 Sketch, Courtesy Sprouse Family Archives

Above: Stephen Sprouse, Patty Hearst Painting, Courtesy Sprouse Family Archives

Rock On Mars
Deitch Project Gallery
January 09, 2009 — February 28, 2009
18 Wooster Street, New York

The Louis Vuitton Tribute Collection:

In conjunction with the exhibition project, Marc Jacobs has created a new collection for Louis Vuitton, inspired by Sprouse’s famous collaboration with Louis Vuitton in 2001, which featured the classic monogram bag scrawled with Stephen Sprouse graffiti.

The new limited edition Stephen Sprouse – Louis Vuitton collection will be available in Louis Vuitton stores worldwide from January 9, 2009, the opening date of the exhibition.

Here's a sneak peek of the 2009 tribute collection:

The 2009 tribute collection will be available at Louis Vuitton boutiques worldwide beginning January 9th.

The Book by Rizzoli:

 The Stephen Sprouse Book by Roger Padilha and Mauricio Padilha will be published in January of 2009 by Rizzoli. It will include many never before seen works of art, photographs, sketches and interviews with many of Stephen's colleagues, friends, and family and pay tribute to his extraordinary career.

The authors:

some images:


Contributors include Marc Jacobs, Debbie Harry, Teri Toye, Polly Mellen, Tama Janowitz, Chris Stein, Anna Sui, Kate Moss, Iggy Pop, Baby Jane Holer, Tammy Toye, Elizabeth Saltzman, Andre Balaz, Annie Flanders, Kim Hasteiter, Karen Bjornson, and works by Andy Warhol, Scavullo,Steven Meisel, Patrick DeMarchelier, Joshua Jordan, Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin,Mert and Markus Atlas, Paul Palmero, Andre Rau, Raymond Meier, Greg Gorman, Barry Hollywood, Guzman, Marc Hispard, Bob Gruen, Rainer Horsch, Donald McPherson, Doug Meyers, Dan Lecca, Lisa Stein, Michel Haddi, Roxanne Lowitt, Richard Pandiscio, Roberta Bayley, Mike Reinhardt, Max Vadukul and many more.

The Limited Louis Vuitton edition of the book:

The special limited edition version with graffiti LV cover, shown above, will be available exclusively at Louis Vuitton Boutiques worldwide beginning January 8th.

Visit the "we love stephen sprouse" site for videos, images, facts and more all about Stephen and participate by using the 'scrawl the wall'; writing on the wall in Stephen Sprouse style graffiti.

Stephen Sprouse passed away from heart failure on March 4, 2004 (his NY Times obituary can be read here) at the young age of 50 but clearly he continues to inspire artists, fashion designers and more.

Michel Gondry's Be Kind Rewind,
Accompanying Art Exhibit & Sweding

Be Kind Rewind, an exhibition of new work by Michel Gondry, opens at Deitch Projects on February 16, 2008, shortly before his identically titled film is released in theaters.

Be Kind Rewind is a film about two childhood friends living in Pasaic, New Jersey, trying to make ends meet. After one of the characters accidentally gets his brain magnetized by a local power plant, he visits the video store his and unknowingly erases all of the video tapes in the store’s inventory.

The characters decide to make their own homemade versions of popular films in a junkyard behind the store. These new “sweded” films—recreations using commonly available, everyday materials—prove to be more popular with the customers than the originals, making the two friends local celebrities.

For the exhibition, Michel Gondry will be recreating the video store in the gallery, complete with a back lot containing a variety of movie sets where visitors can make their own renditions of films. All videos created in the gallery can be viewed and rented in the store. About the project, Gondry states, “I don’t intend nor have the pretension to teach how to make films. Quite the contrary. I intend to prove that people can enjoy their time without being part of the commercial system and serving it. Ultimately, I am hoping to create a network of creativity and communication that is guaranteed to be free and independent from any commercial institution.”

Be Kind Rewind is Deitch Projects’ second exhibition with Michel Gondry. In September 2006, the gallery presented The Science of Sleep: An Exhibition of Sculpture and Creepy Pathological Little Gifts, which coincided with the release of his film by the same name. Deitch Projects’ involvement with Michel Gondry reflects the gallery’s interest in presenting projects of creative people working in fields related to fine art who approach their medium similarly to artists of painting and sculpture. Michel Gondry’s work is exhibited in the tradition of conceptual and performance art, not only as a commercial film.

Jack Black and Mos Def star in Be Kind Rewind, a unique comedy from Academy Award-winning writer/director Michel Gondry (Dave Chappelle's Block Party, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind).

Black stars as a loveable loser stuck in a life that's too small for his big dreams. But when he unintentionally erases all the tapes in a video store where his best friend (Mos Def) works, he devises a plan to satisfy the store's few loyal customers by re-creating and re-filming every movie they decide to rent. Be Kind Rewind features a cast that also includes Danny Glover, Melonie Diaz and Mia Farrow. It is scheduled for a February 22, 2008 release.

I have removed the trailer from this post because the auto-start feature was making the blog take too long to load. But you can see it here.

The movies' official website is filled with fun bits about "sweding" and lots of interactive fun. They've even 'sweded' a myspace page for michel gondry:

So, if reading about and watching the trailer just aren't enough fun for you, you can 'swede yourself' on their site by picking from a movie genre and uploading your pic to the cover.
Like so:

Also, the site Film•Ick has a fun collection of Gondry's sketches for the film. See them here.

get your fun wallpapers and downloads here.

Addendum: despite being a great fan of some of Michel Gondry's work, I think this was one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life. I don't even recommend renting it.

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.