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Artist Li Xiaofeng Does Porcelain & Cotton Polos For Lacoste Holiday Collector's Series

above: a detail of the porcelain shard LACOSTE shirt by artist Li Xiaofeng

Since 2006, each year the Lacoste brand commissions a designer, design team or artist to create a special Holiday Collector's Series of of their classic L.12.12 polo shirt. Past designers included Tom Dixon (2006), Michael Young (2007), R.E.M frontman Michael Stipe (2008) and The Campana brothers in 2009.

For 2010, Chinese artist Li Xiaofeng, best known for his porcelain fragment sculptures, has created both an outstanding porcelain sculpture of a LACOSTE shirt as well as wearable Holiday Collector's editions of the L.12.12 Polo for men and women.

The Porcelain Polo
The actual porcelain Lacoste Shirt is the most expensive Lacoste Polo to date. The art piece features porcelain shards printed with Chinese characters, symbols, red phoenix birds and variations of the Lacoste alligator and logotype as well as a wax seal.

the artist at work:

above photos by Miko He

The Cotton Polo
Now, for the actual wearable cotton Lacoste 2010 Holiday Collector's Series L.12.12 polo shirts, which will be be produced in a limited number of 20,000.

The men's and women's wearable cotton polo shirts designed for the Holiday Collector's Series for 2010 by Li Xiaofeng features a textile pattern that emulates broken porcelain shards from the Kangxi Period (1662-1722) of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912).

This print represents happiness and exuberant youth according to Li Xiaofeng. Originally the reason for images of babies was to promote the births and good health of children in an era of high infant mortality. Li points out that joy continues exist even in a life that is always faced with difficulties, a life where we must continually reassemble the pieces after setbacks. Li photographed each of the shards and placed them in life-sized digital pattern of each part of the polo.

above left: the Men's limited edition polo shirt and right; the Women's version

special thanks to photographer Miko He, Jing Daily and Nels Frye of Stylites for images and information

Be Cycle & Fashion. 12 Designers Customize Bikes For Charity.

above: Kenzo Takada's custom Peugeot is one of twelve bikes that will be auctioned off in September
Idenium PR agency, web-tv channel The Heart and Sylvie Burger Council have garnered several big names in fashion and design: Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Ylan Anoufa, Gabriella Cortes (founder of Antik Batik), Karim Bonnet, Francois Duris for Peugeot, Marithe and Francois Girbaud, Kaori Ito for Elieux by Jean-Claude Jitrois, Jerome L'Huillier, Ora-Ito, On Aura Tout Vu for Swarovski and Kenzo Takada to design and execute custom Peugeot Bikes which will be auctioned off and whose proceeds will benefit ACT Responsible, whose aim is to promote environmental and social causes.

above: 4 of the 12 designers pose with their bikes, which are shown in greater detail below

A cult object and symbol of a responsible attitude, cycling has recently made its comeback in many major cities. Very likely, it became the flagship of the new eco-committed generation. Meanwhile, fashion, luxury and design have established a real dialogue for several years with creative and sustainable development, turning it even more attractive. Therefore it made sense to these French and International fashion designers to participate and customize one of the famous "fixed gear" bikes made & provided by Peugeot.

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, who designed more than one bike as well as the logo, for the project:

Antik Batik (Gabriella Cortes):

François Duris:

Kenzo Takada:

Karim Bonnet:

Jean-Claude Jitrois:

Marithé & François Girbaud:

Ylan Anoufa:

Kaori Ito for Elieux and Jerome Huillier:

By transforming these twelve bikes into true pieces of art, artists expressed their vision of an ethical fashion, in line with the times, in order to sensitize the public to experience the daily life and sustainable development in a friendly and creative way.

For Caroline Saslawsky (shown above with Herve de Clerck), founder and President of Idenium, Sylvie Burger, project consultant (SB Conseil) and Anna Neneman, co-founder of OHC: "It appeared obvious to combine our expertise to create a unique event gathering ecology & glamour marrying these two worlds increasing then both values: sustainability and fashion."

The bikes were revealed for the first time this past week at the International Advertising Festival in Cannes from June 21-26th. The bikes will be auctioned off in Paris in September by Mr. Cornette de Saint-Cyr.

all photos by Guillaume Malheiro

The bike customization concept has been created by the Press agency IDENIUM and co-produced by Sylvie Burger Conseil and ONE HEART CHANNEL, a TV channel dedicated to solidarity and environmental causes.

all images, press release information courtesy of Idenium and ACT Responsible

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