Karl Lagerfeld's Sexy Photo Essays To Promote Dom Perignon

In the spirit of upcoming New Year's Eve, as thoughts turn to champagne, I wanted to share these two very sexy campaigns for Dom Pérignon with you since they have rarely been seen.

Karl Lagerfeld promoted two different vintages of Dom Pérignon with sexy photo narratives starring super models Claudia Schiffer in 2007 and Eva Herzigova in 2006, respectively. Granted, they are both sexist male fantasies; the first about a man who envisions his wife as different exotic women, the second about a wealthy woman, who grows bored after shopping and bathing and decides to seduce her male neighbor in a luxury hotel. However, the photography by Karl Lagerfeld and styling are fabulous and worth sharing despite the obvious chauvinistic overtones.

Dom Pérignon's Oenothéque, vintage 1993, is lauded with this 2007 black and white campaign, the story of which (albeit very sexist) is about a bored wealthy couple in which the man fantasizes his wife to be several different women. (Click on the photos to enlarge them)

The Dom Pérignon Œnothéque Vintage 1993 campaign in 2007:

Photographer: Karl Lagerfeld
Claudia Schiffer
Brad Kroenig
Sébastien Jondeau

Andrew Richardson
Casting: Katherine Marre
Christian Dior Haute Couture
Dior Homme
Louis Vuitton
Jewels: Victoire de Castellane - Dior Joaillerie
Hair: Odile Gilbert
Make-up: Ayako
Manicure: Anny Errandorea
Direction Image: Eric Pfrunder
Photographer's assistants:
Xavier Arias
Ben Sollich
Frédéric David
Olivier Saillant
Photoshop: Ludovic d'Hardiville
PR: Caroline Lebar
Making-of: Xavier Arias - Orange
Website Conception & production: pubfiction
Design & code: chewing the sun, www.chewingthesun.com
Coordination: XOTOX / Marie-Laure Brossier, www.xotox.fr
© Champagne MOET & CHANDON 2007 - Copyright is detained by Champagne MOET & CHANDONconcerning the photographs, the making-of and DOM PERIGNON trademarks. Rights reserved. Infringement of copyright is incurred for any unauthorized reproduction.

Above: Karl and Claudia at the launch party in Paris

The 1996 vintage of Dom Pérignon Rosé was immortalized in the following campaign, launched in 2006, starring supermodel Eva Herzigova as a woman staying at a hotel, indulging in a shopping spree and then seducing her hotel neighbor with the champagne.

The Dom Pérignon ROSÉ Vintage 1996 campaign in 2006:

Photographer:Karl Lagerfeld
Models: Eva Herzigova
Brad Kroenig
Jed Root - Kate Young
Casting: Katherine Marre
Christian Dior Haute Couture
Dior Homme
Louis Vuitton
Jewels: Chopard
Hair: Terry Millet
Make-up: Emmanuel Sammartino
Manicure: Anny Errandonea
Photo production: Eric Pfrunder
Photographer's assistants:
Xavier Arias
Ben Sollich
Frédéric David
Olivier Saillant
Retouch Settings:
Ludovic d'Hardiville
Stefan Lubrina
PR:Caroline Lebar, Olivier Cussec
Making-of Photos: Xavier Arias
Making-of Sound design: Xavier Arias
Michel Gaubert
Website Conception & production: pubfiction
Design & code: chewing the sun, www.chewingthesun.com
Coordination: XOTOX / Marie-Laure Brossier, www.xotox.fr
Movie Director: Johan Renck
Assistant: Magdalena Larsson
Executive producer: Greg Panteix

above: Karl and Eva at the launch party in Los Angeles

© Champagne MOET & CHANDON 2005 - Copyright is detained by Champagne MOET & CHANDON concerning the photographs, the making-of and DOM PERIGNON trademarks. Rights reserved. Infringement of copyright is incurred for any unauthorized reproduction.


More Bubbly For Your Buck: 10 Top Sparkling Wines For New Year's Eve

As New Year's Eve approaches, several of us are in search of the right bubbly (and undoubtedly this year, the best 'deal') with which to toast the ringing in of 2009.

Eric Asimov, chief wine critic for the NY times gives us sparkling wine alternatives to the pricier 'champagne', selected by a panel of 25 experts, that range from $10.00 to $20.00.

By ERIC ASIMOV, December 24, 2008
THE corks will pop as usual this holiday season, and the bubbly will froth over into the glasses. Toasts will be offered, and the good times will still roll, but perhaps in a more subdued fashion. Fewer of those bottles of sparkling wine are likely to be Champagne this December.

All over the United States, people are spending less for wine, and aiming for a lower-key expression of seasonal joy. That means less Champagne.
Partly, this is an economic decision. “People are clearly trading down,” said Jon Fredrikson of Gomberg, Fredrikson & Associates, a wine industry analyst in California. “People are still drinking wine, but it’s clearly at lower price points.”

But emotions and appearances play an important role in the decision as well. Aside from a general shortage of celebratory occasions like mergers, closings, bonuses and office parties, many restaurateurs say that customers are avoiding even the appearance of celebration.

“People just don’t want to look extravagant today,” said Paul Grieco, an owner of Hearth, Insieme and Terroir in Manhattan. “They still want to drink, so they cut out the Champagne and go directly to whatever they’re drinking with dinner.”

After several strong years, Champagne sales in the United States began to slip in 2007 as the weak dollar caused prices to rise. About 21 million bottles were shipped to the United States in 2007, down 2 percent from 2006, and the drop became precipitous in 2008. Through August, sales were down 17 percent over the corresponding period last year, according to Sam Heitner, director of the Office of Champagne U.S.A., a trade organization, and that doesn’t include the last three months of the year, when much of the Champagne is sold.
“We’re in uncharted territory,” he said.

Recognizing the concern over spending, the wine panel recently tasted 25 sparkling wines priced $10 to $20, the sweet spot these days for good wine values.

We restricted ourselves to dry sparkling wines, while ruling out sparkling rosés and reds. For the tasting, Florence Fabricant and I were joined by the husband-and-wife team of Scott Mayger, the general manager of Telepan on the Upper West Side, and Beth von Benz, a wine consultant.
The good news is that outside of Champagne, just about any region in the world that makes wine makes sparkling wine, too.

Among our 25 bottles were wines from France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Australia, as well as California, Washington state, New Mexico and Michigan.
Believe me, that’s just the beginning. I’ve enjoyed good bottles from Austria, Massachusetts and Georgia (the country, not the state). I did set one more parameter: no prosecco. I like prosecco, but I enjoy it best in spring and summer, when its sprightliness seems to match the season. I didn’t rule out sekt, the sparkling wine of Germany, but maybe I should have. I’ve rarely met a sekt I’ve liked, and neither one in our tasting made our top 10. And I confess, I’m not much of a fan either of cava, the sparkling wine of Spain.

One of the three in our tasting, the Reserva Heredad from Segura Viudas, made our top 10 at No. 9, though at $20 it was maybe not such a good value.
Perhaps in a different context, say, a cafe in Frankfurt or tapas bar in Barcelona, these wines might have been more appealing. But when they were mixed in with a bunch of bottles made in the fashion of Champagne, with some proportion of chardonnay and pinot noir, the main grapes of Champagne, we preferred those bottles, wherever they came from. Our top bottle, the 2004 brut from Domaine Carneros, was, of course, from California. We found it elegant and delicious, and it just squeaked by two other far-flung bottles.

Our No. 2, the Contadi Castaldi, was from the Italian region of Franciacorta, which produces some excellent Champagne facsimiles. This one was particularly dry and light-bodied, with aromas of herbs, spices and flowers.

And our No. 3 was a sparkling wine from Burgundy, the toasty, refreshing Parigot & Richard blanc de blancs, made mostly from chardonnay. While our price range was $10 to $20, most of the wines in the tasting were $15 to $20.

One of the few exceptions, and the only one to make the list, was the Crémant de Limoux blanc de blancs from Domaine J. Laurens, which at $13 was our best value.
Habitués of the bargain aisle may be familiar with blanquette de Limoux, a sparkling wine from the same region in southern France. This is generally even cheaper than the Laurens, and usually made from the mauzac grape. The crémant is made of chardonnay and chenin blanc, which gives an added smoothness and elegance.

Other Champagne-style wines that we liked included three more from California, the Roederer Estate, long a personal favorite of mine, as well as the Piper Sonoma and the Gloria Ferrer. Two other French wines rounded out our top 10.

La Cravatine from Fabrice Gasnier was an oddity, a sparkling Chinon made from the cabernet franc grape. It was nonetheless light and refreshing, as was our No. 10, the herbal-scented crémant d’Alsace from Lucien Albrecht, made from pinot blanc and pinot auxerrois.

Let’s be honest, none of these bottles will match a very good Champagne. But they cost half what you would pay these days for the least expensive Champagne, and they were enjoyable.
Even so, they may all still cost more than many people are willing to spend. Mr. Fredrikson said the greatest growth right now is in bottles $6 and under, which includes mass-produced sparkling wines that in my opinion are not worth the money.

There may be one bright spot for Champagne. Roberto Rogness, general manager of Wine Expo in Santa Monica, Calif., which offers an exceptional selection of sparkling wines, reports that even though cavas, crémants and other Champagne alternatives are selling “by the boatload,” Champagne sales seem to be holding their own. And Mr. Rogness is looking hopefully to next year. “We’re starting to get feelers for inauguration parties,” he said.

Tasting Report: They Aren’t Champagne, but They Do Sparkle

Domaine Carneros by Taittinger Carneros Brut 2004, $20- Toasty, creamy, elegant and lively with flavors of apple and lemon:

Contadi Costaldi Franciacorta Brut NV, $19 - Dry and light with lovely floral, mint and spice aromas. (Importer: Blavod Extreme Spirits, Franklin, Tenn.):

Parigot & Richard Cremont de Bourgogne, Brut Blanc de Blancs NV, $20 -Dry, refreshing with floral aromas and flavors of lime and brioche. (Willette Wines/A Becky Wasserman Selection, Manhasset, N.Y.):

Domaine J. Laurens Cremont de Limoux, Brut Blanc de Blancs NV, $13 - Dry and textured with refreshing flavors of citrus and flowers. (Vigneron Imports, Oakland, Calif.):

Roederer Estate, Andersen Valley Brut NV, $19 - Light, dry and Champagne-like with flavors of lemon and grapefruit:

Fabrice Gasnier Chinon Blanc de Noir La Cravatine NV $17 - Dry and frothy with lively citrus flavors. (Petit Pois/Sussex Wine Merchants, Moorestown, N.J.):

Piper Sonoma Sonoma County Brut Blanc de Blancs Select Cuvée NV -$17 - Light and straightforward with flavors of lemon and apple.

Gloria Ferrer Carneros Brut Blanc de Blancs 2004, $20 - Light and frothy with aromas of lemon, apple and mushroom.

Lucien Albrecht Crémant d’Alsace Brut Blanc de Blancs NV, $20 - Light and crisp with aromas of anise, tarragon and peach. (Pasternak Wine Imports, Harrison, N.Y.)

Segura Viudas Cava Brut Riserva, Heredad NV, $20 - Bright and lively with herbal, floral and citrus flavors. (Freixenet, Sonoma, Calif.):

If you want the real thing- actual Champagne-- here's a list of resources from around the Web about Champagne as selected by researchers and editors of The New York Times:

Champagne producers sites:
  • Bollinger
  • Charles Heidsieck
  • Dom Pérignon
  • Krug
  • Lanson
  • Laurent-Perrier
  • Louis Roederer
  • Moët & Chandon
  • Mumm
  • Perrier Jouët
  • Piper Heidsieck
  • Pol Roger
  • Taittinger
  • Veuve Cliquot Ponsardin

  • Here's a huge post on just about everything you need to know when it comes to champagne from last season.

    Sales Sucked This Year, So Stimulate The Economy By Taking Advantage Of These Post Xmas Sales

    For stores, a very un-merry holiday
    Sales during the crucial year-end shopping season evaporated as economic woes trumped gift-buying enthusiasm among consumers. By Parija B. Kavilanz, CNNMoney.com senior writer

    The 2008 holiday sales season is one of the worst for retailers in decades, as consumers' concerns about the economy and job losses crushed the typical year-end shopping exuberance. 'I don't see any reason for retailers to be rejoicing at all," said Britt Beemer, chairman and founder of America's Research Group.

    Among the early sales tallies, new estimates from MasterCard Inc.'s SpendingPulse Data service indicated that total store sales fell about 3% in November and December combined.
    That would be significantly worse than the forecast from the National Retail Federation (NRF), which anticipated a 2.2% gain for the period.

    The NRF's projection would still be the weakest holiday sales gain in six years. Beemer said he expects holiday sales to decline about 2.8%.
    The fourth-quarter shopping period is critical for merchants since it can account for as much as 50% of their annual profit and sales. And since consumer spending also fuels two-thirds of economic activity, any signals of a severe pullback in discretionary buying also doesn't bode well for the overall economy.

    "A difficult economic environment combined with unfavorable weather during the last week of shopping made 2008 one of the most challenging holiday shopping seasons in decades," Michael McNamara, vice president of research and analysis for SpendingPulse, said in the report.
    SpendingPulse's estimates are based on aggregate sales activity in the MasterCard payments network, combined with estimates for all other payment options, including cash and check. Based on those numbers, the firm said total clothing purchases in November and December dropped by as much as 21% over last year while purchases of electronics tumbled by 26% over last year.

    "Sales above $1,000 have been a consistent drag on this sector throughout the season," McNamara said.
    The report said luxury sales showed the largest year-over-year decline, down by more than 34% over last year.

    Even online purchases, which had shown year-over-year sales growth since the advent of the Internet in the 1990s, took a hit this year as consumers curtailed their spending in all retail channels.
    SpendingPulse numbers showed overall Web-based holiday sales fell 2.3% versus a year ago.

    Separately, a report last week from sales tracker ComScore said Web-based holiday shopping fell for the first time in seven years.
    One retail analyst fears that although the holiday shopping season is winding down, the worst isn't yet over for merchants . "January [sales] will just collapse," said Richard Hastings, consumer strategist with Global Hunter Securities. Hastings had forecast a 6 to 8% sales decline for the three months of November through January. He said January has become an important sales month over the past few years because retailers look to clear leftover merchandise and redeem the gift cards given over the holiday season. But not this year, according to Hastings.

    The NRF forecasted a 6% drop in holiday gift card sales as a shaky retail environment, accented by a rising number of bankruptcies, made consumers nervous about whether a merchant would still be around in 2009 to make good on the cards. .
    What's more, Hastings said there's no enthusiasm to shop if you really don't need anything. "The layoffs will continue into 2009. People realize that and it's making them nervous about spending money," he said.

    So.......... how to make the best of this lousy news? try taking advantage of some of the after christmas online sales:

    After Christmas Online Sale #1: Macmall.com

    At Macmall.com you will be able to save up to 44% off Apple systems as they put on their Year End Clearance & Tax Savings Sale. The Apple iPods are also available at discount pricing and free engraving is offered for the case. Some are available for free shipping

    After Christmas Online Sale #2: Homedepot.com

    The online home building company will be offering online rebates that will include up to $300 off GE appliances and up to 30% off products made by Dirt Devil. All Christmas items will be offered at 50% - 60% off regular prices. Sale is good until December 31st.

    After Christmas Online Sale #3: Walmart.com

    Sales start at WalMart on December 26th and go until supplies are gone. Expect to see deep discounts up to 80% on lines of jewelry, appliances and toys. And don't forget those Christmas decorations that you need for next year, get them now at this After Christmas online sale.

    After Christmas Online Sale #4: Macys.com

    Macy's After Christmas Online Sale will include items from the jewelry department, bedding, kitchen and appliances. You will be able to get great household goods at up to 75% off retail prices. And they will also have women's clothing heavily discounted as they have a lot if inventory that needs to be moved.

    After Christmas Online Sale #5: Target.com
    Target's After Christmas online sale will start December 26th and will continue until all the supplies are gone. Expect to see great deals on Nintendo DS games at $25 each, and up to 60% off toys and 75% off select Christmas decorations and kitchen items. You will be able to get 90% off of GO designer Jonathan Saunder's collection which they are phasing out to make way for a new designer. There will also be deep discounts on appliances.

    After Christmas Online Sale #6: Sears.com

    Go to Sears.com for discounts on fine jewelry of up to 70% off, and home appliances and some clothing lines will be discounted the same. If you are going to get in shape for the New Year then treadmills will be on sale at 40% off. Watch Sears.com though, some sites say that even further discounts will be coming on New Year's day.

    After Christmas Online Sale #7: Circuit City.com

    The After Christmas Online Sale is mixed in with the need to liquidate for this bankrupt electronics store. Word is that they bought way too much inventory for the holiday season and now they have to move it. That means deep, deep discounts both online and at the brick and-mortar stores. While discount percentages are not posted yet, you can expect to see amazing deals on laptops, TV's, DVRs and digital cameras.

    These are just some of the deals that you can expect to see in cyber-world for the After Christmas Online sales. Many retailers will be offering deep discounts in the days following Christmas as they try to move 2008 stock. Shop carefully, start early, know what you want and get it at the best prices you are likely to see at the After Christmas Online Sales.
    Those above were brought to you by Associated Content.

    and more, according to the US World and News reports:
    J.C. Penney announced it will open at 5:30 a.m. the day after Christmas—the earliest opening in the store's history—and offer 100 door-buster specials, including 50 to 60 percent off private-label clothing for men and women, as well as 75 percent off Christmas decorations. The general merchandiser is offering a free wake-up call so that shoppers don't miss the sale.

    The savings and values at Toys "R" Us stores will stretch into the New Year. Some of the items that will be available from Dec. 26, 2008, through Jan. 3, 2009, include 75 percent off a 1.60 Scale X-Trek Pro 15' Race Track Set; 60 percent off certain table games; 50 percent off some Hannah Montana Dolls; and 20 percent off all iPod cases and headphones.

    Barnes & Noble, the nation's largest book retailer, is offering thousands of books at 50 to 90 percent off for its "After Holiday Warehouse Clearance Sale." Discounts are also available on music, DVDs, toys, video games, journals, calendars, and albums.

    KB Toys announced Monday that it will be closing its doors for good and has launched a liquidation sale at all 461 of its KB Toys, KB Toy Outlet, KB Toys Holiday, and KB Toy Works stores. Sales at KB Toys stores will begin at 40 percent off regular prices.

    The bath products retailer Bath and Body Works is having an after-holiday sale of up to 50 percent off on products including body lotions, shower gels, hand creams, and fragrances.

    is having a huge clearance of 60 to 80 percent off on men's, women's, and children's clothing.

    Even luxury retailer Neiman Marcus will be offering steep discounts with its After Christmas Sale. Shoppers can find sales on women's, men's, and children's designer apparel, as well as designer shoes, handbags, and jewelry. Neiman Marcus will be offering an extra 40 percent off already-reduced prices.

    Forbes has recommended these after Christmas sales as well:

    , New York, Jan. 5-Feb. 7
    A queen-sized set of Leron's of hand-milled and -stitched sheets takes nearly a year to produce. That's why it's unusual that the linen company is offering 20% savings on a wide selection of custom bed, bath and table linens, as well as lingerie. There also will be up to a 60% discount on many one-of-a-kind items. Those who spend $1,000 at the sale get a $100 gift card for Feb. 9-April 30 purchases.For more information, visit www.leron.com.

    Louis Boston, located on Newbury Street in a gorgeous old mansion that was formerly the Boston Natural History Museum, will begin its only holiday sale Jan. 7, where all fall items will be 50% off. Designers include runway favorites like Marni, Balenciaga and The Row, designed by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. For more information, visit www.louisboston.com.

    Blackbird, Seattle and Online, Dec. 26-mid-January
    This popular boutique predominantly features menswear, with a bit of utilitarian women's wear and home goods sprinkled in for good measure. Fall and winter items will be discounted by 25% to 75% starting Dec. 26. Feature sale items include Acne Jeans' PVC-coated cotton lace-ups for men, Julius' waxed cotton gabardine military-style coat and Comme des Garcons cowhide wallets in several colors. Other brands include Nom de Guerre, Band of Outsiders, Filippa K, A.P.C. and Opening Ceremony.For more information, visit www.blackbirdballard.com.

    High-fashion discounter Yoox.com--which has sold everything from vintage to in-season Maison Martin Margiela in the past--is giving an extra 50% off certain already-reduced items, including pieces from Italian glitz label Versace and French progressive design collective Surface to Air. But the Web site, based in Italy, is not desperate to offload inventory before the holidays. While more items will go on sale starting Dec. 26, Yoox's discounts will apply only to about a quarter of its total inventory.

    Jeffrey, Atlanta and New York, Dec. 26-mid-January
    Known best for its combination of hard-to-find designers and relentlessly friendly customer service, Jeffrey will offer up to 50% off selected fall '08 ready-to-wear garments and shoes, such as Brian Atwood platforms and Prada pumps.For more information, visit www.jeffreyatlanta.com.

    Calypso Home, Bal Harbour, Fla., Santa Monica, Calif., and New York, Dec. 26-mid-January
    Designer Christian Celle's colorful silk shantung dresses continue to create rabid female fans of all ages. After the holidays, you'll find discounts up to 60% off everything from pillows to blankets to wall hangings from Celle's collection.For more information, visit www.calypso-celle.com.

    Red Stamp Stationary, Online, Dec. 25-Jan. 15
    Stock up on holiday cards for next year at this online stationers' annual sale, which will offer 20%-60% discounts on holiday trimmings (including gift wrap, tags, bags and ribbons), holiday cards and stationery, as well as 2009 calendars, agendas and desk accessories. For more information, visit www.redstamp.com.

    Now, here are a few After Christmas Sales that I recommend:

    Garnet Hill has the best bath towels I've ever bought. Nice and heavy and now 30% off here

    Bluefly's Winter Sale

    Design Her Gals Boxing Day Special

    Artful Home's Studio Sale:

    Room & Board's Annual Clearance Sale

    Happy Sale Shopping!

    C'mon people, it's only a dollar.