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Steampunk Christmas Ornaments Are One Of A Kind Handmade Art For Your Tree.

Absolutely beautiful, one of a kind, handmade 'steampunk' style Christmas ornaments will turn your tree into a Victorian Wonderland that even Jules Verne, Tesla and The Doctor would envy.

above: detail of Christmas Poinsettia Ornament

These are crafted by Marianne from Montana's Dragon Tracks Studio using polymer clay over glass and look like real industrial metal. Beautifully painted with metallic paints and mica powders, they appear as bronze, brass, gold, copper and silver metal. And they are sealed with a protective finish so they are durable and can be used year after year.

above: detail of Airship ornament

Fine details such as ball chains, watch gears, grommets, faux rivets, tiny metal charms, metal beads, pieces of pipe, mini propellers and screw heads are added to the clay which has been imprinted or embossed with patterns that emulate everything from laces to gears.

These are truly pieces of art, stunning from every side. A few of them actually differ from front to back so it's like having two ornaments in one. The steampunk ornaments vary in price depending upon size and she's only made a few, so get them before they are long gone!

Steampunk Christmas Ornament/ Industrial Ornament - Red Poinsettia ($35.00 USD):

Steampunk Airship Ornament ($50.00 USD):

Steampunk Ornament/Industrial Style Ornament ($35.00 USD):

Steampunk Ornament/Industrial Style Ornament ($35.00 USD):

Steampunk Heart Ornament/Industrial Heart Ornament ($35.00 USD):

Steampunk Heart Ornament/Industrial Heart Ornament ($35.00 USD):


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C'mon people, it's only a dollar.
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