It's a Treehouse. It's a Brewery. It's The Treehouse Brewing Company.

The other night I was watching Treehouse Masters on Animal Planet and caught an episode where Pete Nelson and his crew from Nelson Treehouse and Supply were constructing a 200 foot treehouse that would function as a brewery tasting site for the craft-beer loving folks who own The Mohican Cabins and The Grand Barn, a popular wedding venue in Ohio.

Nelson's team, along with three Amish Carpenters, took four weeks to construct the 200 square foot treehouse. Suspended 22 feet off the ground, the charming micro-brewery has a 40 foot extension bridge that leads you to the front door.

The treehouse was designed to look like an old Ohio barn from the 1800s, painted bright red and outfitted with a $10,000 Gothic stained glass window.

Inside, a custom bar was designed with old wine barrels, a fully functional brewing set up and a European-style draft system.

The tap pull has a special hand crafted wooden tree house atop it:

And there's even a plumbed outhouse neatly tucked on the side:

This is actually the second treehouse that Pete Nelson and his crew built for property owner Kevin Mooney, the first being a honeymoon cabin suite with with three queen beds, two showers, a full kitchen and satellite TV.

The Treehouse Brewing Company (not to be confused with the Tree House Brewing Company in Massachusetts) will be run by Mooney's son and, in addition to their own craft beer, they have others to taste as well. Check it out next time you're in Ohio.

Catch Treehouse Masters on Animal Planet Friday nights at 10PM  (ET/PT)

some images courtesy of Nelson Treehouse and Supply, other images by Quin Mooney and courtesy of Animal Planet and The Mohican Grand Barn blog.

Floating Wooden Sustainable Egg Pod Is Home To Artist Stephen Turner For A Year.

The Exbury Egg is a collaborative project between artist Stephen Turner, SPUD and PAD studio. After almost 3 years in development, the energy efficient, self-sustaining pod will serve as home and workspace to Stephen in the estuary of the River Beaulieu.

The Exbury Egg was built of reclaimed cedar planks by boat builder Paul Baker and has a two perspex windows, a hammock for sleeping, minimal storage,a sink and a cooker. The power needed for charging items such as a laptop, digital camera and mobile phone will be met by using solar energy.

above: Paul Baker (boatbuilder) stands in front of the first half of the Egg. The keels are clearly visible above Paul's head. These will give the Egg stability in the water and keep it upright at low tide.

The egg being inspected and then lowered into the water for the first time:

Success! It floats.

Designed to withstand the elements, it will be tethered to the shore with a floating versadock pontoon and serve as a place to study the life of the tidal creek and to experience local natural cycles of the environment as it relates to human activity.

During his 12 month journey, Stephen (shown above in his new temporary home) plans to catalogue his own visual and philosophical journey in collections of still and moving image, found objects, drawings and maps.

To quote Stephen, ‘Climate change is already creating new shorelines and habitats. Established salt marsh is being eroded by a combination of rising sea levels and falling landmass and the entire littoral environment is in a state of flux. The implications for wildlife and for the flora as well as for people are challenging. Raising awareness of the past and the unfolding present of a very special location will be the task, whist living in an ethical relationship with nature and treading as lightly as possible upon the land.’

Below is a timelapse video of the egg construction:

The architectural plans:

The beautiful images of the Exbury Egg in this post were photographed by Nigel Rigdon.

Learn more about the Exbury Egg here.

The Vessel: A Slick Suspended Sling-Like Bathtub Made Of Carbon Fiber.

Splinter Works' new limited edition tub, the Vessel, was inspired by the hammock. The slick and sexy tub was designed for use in a wet room and is completely suspended above the ground.

The following text is from their press release:
Struck by the synergy between the shapes of two compelling symbols of relaxation, a hammock and a bath tub, Splinter Works were inspired to develop a piece that would provide the ultimate vehicle for total escapism.

The peaceful experience of kicking-back in a hammock has been further enhanced by combining it with the immersive comfort of soaking in a hot bath. By literally elevating the experience of bathing into a suspended sculpture the bathroom has been reinvented as a contemplative sanctuary for artful relaxation.

Designed for use in a wet room, Vessel is suspended from the walls and does not touch the floor. It is fixed with stainless steel brackets that can be covered over, or left revealed.

The bath is filled using a floor standing tap and the waste water released through the base into a floor drain. A downpipe drain can also be installed if a wet room setting is not possible.

Vessel is made from carbon fibre which is utilised for its inherent strength and ability to be formed into complex curves, furthermore the weave of the fabric references the cloth of a typical hammock. Beneath the layers of carbon fibre lies a foam core, which insulates the tub, meaning the bath stays hot for considerably longer than normal.

At 2.7m long, Vessel is longer than a regular bathtub, leaving plenty of room to share the experience. Custom sizes are available but it is also designed so that it can be trimmed up to 20 cm to allow for flexible installation. Pictured here in black, it also available in red, blue, yellow, pink, bronze and pure silver.

Limited Edition Design, Carbon Fibre
2500-2700 mm Long
800 mm Wide

About Splinter Works:
Splinter Works’ mission is to create furniture that is engaging and inspiring. Through their designs they strive to enrich the lives of users, enhancing their environment and elevating the experience of everyday life. Their aim is to create work that is individual, thought provoking, aesthetically beguiling, intelligently designed and seamlessly functional. The designs are experimental and theatrical, whilst maintaining the importance of the inherent function of the piece. The work revels in playing visual tricks where balance is often questioned. Opposing dichotomies of solidity versus weightlessness, motion versus stillness, and strength versus fragility are played out in ambitious designs through innovative materials. Splinter Works' limited-edition collection currently ranges from desks, dressing tables, dining tables, consoles, loungers, stools, bath tubs and pool slides. Alongside working on their editioned portfolio, they produce unique commissions where every element, from the intended location and practical requirements, to striking a personal resonance with the commissioner, can be considered and accomplished.

All the pieces are all handmade in Britain. Splinter Works was formed in 2009 and is a collaboration between Miles Hartwell and Matt Withington.

The design studio is based in the UK, thirty minutes south of London.

Splinter Works Sculptural Furniture

Award-Winning Modern Bed Is Easy To Assemble And Easy On The Eyes.

The Tiefschlaf and the Tiefschlaf II designed by Linda Altmann and Oliver Krapf for STADTNOMADEN is a modern, easy to assemble, elegant looking bed available in two styles, three finishes and with adjustable stainless steel feet.

The Tiefschlaf:

The Tiefschlaf II:

In case you didn't notice, the difference between the two is that the Tiefschlaf II has a built-in headboard. An additional backrest in white or walnut that attaches to the Tiefschlaf is also available.

The low profile bed consists of six shaped wood modules that are easily fastened together to build the slatted frame. The unobtrusive shape of the modules combine bed sides and the slatted frame in a smart, sleek way and the bed allows the use of any mattress.

The beautifully designed Tiefschlaf II was an award winner in the 2013 Interior Innovation Awards. Both the Tiefschlaf and Tiefschlaf II come in Ash, Walnut or White.

Optional Backrest for the Tiefschlaf (shown in walnut):

The optional backrest fits on any side of the bed. The mounting of the wooden shell can be adjusted in height between 4,5 cm according to the used mattress. The back rest comes without or with a cushion.

Backrest Measurements:
L 140 x H 56 x D 15 cm (with cushion D 22 cm)
Additional space to bed side +11,5 cm

Bed frame Measurements:
Frame L 200 x W 140 x H 16 / 42 cm, (Height without mattress)
Drop down height between edge of the bed and lie down area is 9 cm.
For mattresses L 200 x W 140 cm (not included)

Surface: Beech Plywood (Ash,) Wooden veneer (Walnut), varnished and White
Core: Beech shaped plywood
Legs: Aluminium


above: Linda Altmann und Oliver Krapf

Shop for the beds here at Stadtnomaden

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.