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Mod Miniatures & Videos for Chillout Sessions XI & XII

above: An homage to Frank Lloyd Wright & Neutra in miniature graced the Chillout Sessions XII CD and a California style hotel with a lagoon graced the cover of the Chillout Sessions XI CD

Designer Andrew van der Westhuyzen of Collider has created album/CD covers and designs for Australia's Ministry of Sound for years.

For music compilations, Chillout Sessions XI and XII, he combined several of my favorite things - music, architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Neutra, Swimming pools, and miniatures. The results are little worlds of escapism that when photographed and filmed up close have a tilt-shift look.

The models were shot close-up along with supers pointing at the figurines naming various artists on the albums for tv promos (shown later in this post).

Chillout Sessions XII:

video promo:

stills from a longer video promo:  
Chillout Sessions XI:

The video promo:

Chillout Sessions XI photography by Sarah Nguyen and cinematography by Brycen Horne You can see Andrew van der Westhuyzen's previous designs for Chillout Sessions 7 here. and his design for their Ministry of Sound Annual 2006 here.

Purses With A Kick. The High-heeled Handbags of Peter Jakubik.

above: The Black Widow patent leather high heeled purse rendering by Peter Jakubik

Peter Jakubik designs many many things, most of the naughty in the nicest way. Furniture, rugs, sugar dispensers, wall hooks and many more items take on characteristics of the sexy and sensuous.

above: Rocking Girl Horse by Peter Jakubik

One of his most interesting and useful collections are his handmade purses and bags in which he combines two feminine favorites, the handbag with the high heel. From his collection of Fetish Fashion Accessories, here are some of those designs.

Black leather high-heel handbag with red interior:

Mahogany brown leather high-heel handbag with black heel:

His paper carrier high-heeled totebag:

His Excitable Stilleto Satchel:

His Rope Hog-Tied Purse:

And his Heidi handbag:

Peter Jakubik participated in the UNICEF "Week of the Blue Button“ National Collection benefit auction in 2009 with his "Heidi" designer leather bag.

The above items are one of a kind, not mass-produced. For more information, contact Peter.

about the designer:

Peter Jakubik received his Master of Arts from Academy of Fine Art and design in Bratislava. Peter Jakubik is an accomplished designer and brings together his experiences in designer leadership, creative consulting in fashion and lifestyle product design. He is co-founder of Comunistar Designers. Peter combines a talent for provoking ideas with a passion for spicy details.

See more of his sexy and stylish designs for the home here.

It's A Stool. It's A Chair. It's A Chool! New Seating From Slam.

above: The Max Chool, shown open in Slice with walnut panels

The Chool is a new concept in modern seating. A combination stool and a chair in one (hence the name), designed by James Lucas for Slam. The Chool is available in 2 sizes; the Standard (500x500x500cm in stool mode) - a lightweight compact design without arms or the Max (600x600x600cm in stool mode) - an armchair style with a larger backrest.

above: the Standard style is shown with walnut side pods and the max style in a textured orange fabric by Kvadrat.

Both are made predominantly with laser cut aluminum components. Each with be available in various fabric and color options.

The Standard, open and closed and with and without walnuts side panels:

The Standard, closed and open:

The Standard, open as a chair:

The Standard, closed as a stool:

The Max, closed and open in Kvadrat orange fabric:

The Max, open as a chair:

The Max, closed as a stool:

More angles of both Standard and Max Chools:

the press release:
Slam is very proud to announce the launch of Chool - a new concept in seating. What makes it so different? Chool is an innovation in active seating that seamlessly adapts its form depending on how it is being used.

We know very well what is required of a chair when someone is sitting on it. Perfect ergonomics, a comfortable seat and supportive backrest. However, when not in use these attributes are no longer necessary. This led designer, James Lucas, to explore what can be done with the form of the chair when not in use.

Daily we are lucky enough to encounter beautiful design demonstrated in seating products around the world. All of these products fit in to categories. For example, the armchair, couch, chair and stool are forms we are all familiar with.

Chool is a new standard in seating design. It offers the new ability to drastically alter the look of any environment that requires chairs, whilst also offering the excitement of fluid, dynamic movement. This results in a highly memorable experience for the user.

At rest Chool is compact and unassuming. When sat upon the seat pod slowly descends a few inches to a standard seat height. This action seamlessly operates some clever bits tucked away inside that smoothly, vertically deploys a backrest and chool transforms from its stool-like form into a chair. Thus providing reactive support in accordance with the users needs.

When no longer in use, Chool automatically returns to its original compact form. Unlike any other chair, Chool has the ability to be easily stowed under tables and desks. This offers clear access to the surface, an uncluttered skyline and in turn removes any trip hazards. Chool requires no external power or batteries to operate and can be locked in any position at the touch of a button.

Chool will be officially launched at London Design Week in September and has been specially selected to feature on the Hidden Art exhibition stand along with other innovations in seating design.

Chool is designed and made in the UK.

50 limited edition
Slam is currently receiving orders on a limited edition batch of 50 Chools especially for Design Week. Each Chool from this batch will come with official certification. Today 19 of this batch are still available.

About Slam:

James Lucas founded Slam in 2007 and originally focused his energy on designing doors that were out of the ordinary such as the 'ThreeStyle', a door with 3 openings one inside the other and ‘Flow’, a door purely made of cascading water that ceases as the user approaches. As a designer, Lucas enjoys creating interactive designs that do something that you wouldn't expect them to. Chool is another example of his innovative contemporary retro style, which combines his love of mixing clean, crisp modern surfaces with natural materials.

For further information on Chool please contact:
James Lucas or Amy Baker on 0845 094 9081 or email
Web site (the site is currently being built, and yes, just '.co' - it’s a new domain extension)

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