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Depending upon the metrics one uses, data is often varied. Alexa says I have more female viewers and Quantcast claims I have more male viewers, yet both show that the blog reaches key audiences with purchasing power.  It is read globally by College Educated Affluents in age ranges 18 - 59.

This blog skews slightly male (52%) and attracts key age groups 18-34 and 35-59, appeals to almost all ethnicities equally, is read primarily by affluent College Graduates in households without children.

The following stats are according to Quantcast, you can view more details here.

Visit Alexa web stats to see where the blog is ranking today.

The way this blog is structured, all paid for advertising appears on each page of the blog regardless of the post one is viewing.

Despite the fact that the blog would earn more money if I did so, I do not sell text links, embedded links or write paid-for posts.

This blog is also proud to be ranked within the top 150 marketing blogs according to Ad Age

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