$100,000 Hookahs? The World's Most Luxurious Shisha by Desvall.

Would you spend a staggering $100,000 on a hookah or a bong? Sweden's Desvall, the makers of these incredibly high-end Shishas, are hoping you will. Made with hand crafted ceramic and smoke chambers of hand-blown crystal by Orrefors, the smoking apparatuses are equipped with details like Swarovski crystals, real 24k gold, chrome and hand-sewn leather. They represent the ultimate blend of technological precision, luxury and handmade tradition making each Desvall Shisha is a unique work of art.

The Chrome, Gold and Black Shishas with Swarovski Crystals and hand sewn leather covered and embossed pipes:

Although Born Rich reports their most expensive is priced at $60,00 (and a custom one of a kind version for $100k), this German site says the prices for their Shishas range from 32.000 Euro ($42.6184 USD) to 80.000 Euro ($106,000 USD).

The Shishas below feature hand-cut Orrefors Colored Crystal smoking bases, Swarovski Crystals and hand-sewn and embossed leather pipes:

With its flawless design and unparalleled beauty the Desvall Shisha is the ideal choice, an object worthy of true art. All Desvall Shishas are individually crafted to perfection; each piece is milled out of a solid block of metal with tolerances down to five hundreds of a millimeter. Every metal piece is sanded and polished by hand, and individually coated.

The Shishas beow feature Orrefors Colored Crystal smoking bases and black and chrome plating:

You can even have the pipe made of rare reindeer antler carvings of the indigenous Sami people upon request:

The bowls for the Shishas are hand made of ceramic:

For a mere $100,000 you can have a on-of-a-kind Shisha made to any of your personal specifications:

Desvall Innovation
The patented, innovative centre ring of our shisha is not only a beautifully crafted feature; it is also an engineering feat. It allows, for the first time in shisha history, for the pipe to rotate around its own axle. Absolute precision and attention to detail ensures that all 91 components of the shisha form a perfect seal.

The Desvall Shisha was invented and patented by Emile Desvall, the creator. Below are some of his patent designs:

The mechanics of the smoke chamber facilitate the blending of smoke as it circulates within the shisha’s structure. A strategically placed magnet holds the shisha’s mouthpiece to the tower when not in use, maintaining perfect poise at all times. This delicate balance of state-of-the-art engineering and traditional craftsmanship is a defining feature of the Desvall Shisha.

The Creation
A team of dedicated artisans, working to the highest possible standard, carefully crafts each shisha. The process involves Sami traditional handicraft from the North, leather design & assembly in Stockholm, engineering & production in the southern city of Goteborg, and Orrefors for the unique glass blown vases.

1. Sami Traditional Handicraft, Kaitum
2. Ceramics, Nittsjö
3. PVD Coating, Täby
4. Plating, Bromma
5. Design & Assembly, Stockholm
6. Leather Handicraft, Stockholm
7. Surface Treatment, Lysekil
8. Engineering, Göteborg
9. Production, Mölnlycke
10. Glass blowing, Orrefors

Height :867 millimeter
Base: 245 millimeter
Weight: 15 kilogram

Smoking the shisha symbolizes the blending of nature and culture – the ritual of sharing and appreciating everything that the world has to offer; a celebration of the earth’s bounty.

This ancient tradition has long lacked a worthy tribute: a shisha crafted for the gathering of leaders or loved ones, an object of perfection and stature.

Please contact them for more information, or to make a personal appointment. 
DE Industry, Box 223 06, 104 22 Stockholm, Sweden +46 70 667 62 11  emile@desvall.com 

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This claims that "for the fist tome in history" the hookah has a rotating pivot. Wow, that is so wonderfully wrong. And the sides of that bowl...the different thicknesses will effect the conductivity and make a difficult heat management. No thank

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.