Soaking In Stainless Steel and Copper. Recycled Sheet Metal Diamond Spas.

Diamond Spas builds eco-friendly spas and pools. Their chlorine free spas and pools reduce the amount of chlorine discharged into the waste stream of your community. The entire Diamond Spas product line is produced from recycled sheet metal.

All vessel shells are themselves 100% recyclable. Unlike many other engineered materials, stainless steel and copper are recycled without any degradation. They are completely recyclable materials, therefore making them fully "sustainable" true champions for the environment.

The selection of stainless steel or copper for any of your aquatic needs is a responsible and intelligent choice. And the metals blend surprisingly well with natural materials and surroundings.

Here's a look at some of Diamond Spas' stainless steel and copper custom, indoor, outdoor, above ground and inset spas.

Acrylic edge vanishing spa:

This custom spa has a retractable safety cover:

Outdoor above ground Spas:

Indoors above ground stainless Japanese-style soaking tubs:

Every spa available at Diamond Spas is TIG welded, providing leak tight seams. Stainless steel and copper add aesthetic value to either your home or business. Diamond Spas pools, water features and spas blend well with any natural landscape, foliage or stone accents.


Suction and skimmer:

In their showroom:

Diamond Spas

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Daniel Smith said...

Great eco-friendly pools and spas..

meg said...

These are just awesome! These diamond spas would really add more drama and benefits to that sore body of yours. Love to dip in one of these spas!

Carl said...

Cool! These pools are extravagant. You know pools made of steel are actually a great idea. The material is unbelievably inexpensive, its quality is reliable, and its structure is sturdy enough to carry many gallons of water.

Carl Patten

Melinda said...

Diamond Spas are an wonderful idea and addition to any business. Love pictures!

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.