Add A Clean Swimming Pool To Even The Murkiest Lagoon, Marina, Swamp or Pond.

Installed in one day, Mobipools and Mobideep of Thailand, are patented floating stations that bring a clean, inviting and easy to maintain swimming pool into any brackish body of water.

Shallow (Mobipools) and deep (Mobideep) pools (from 1.20 to 7 meters deep) that are easy to maintain with a built in cleaning filter and perfect for those who live on or near lakes, dams, ponds, lagoons and marinas.

Accessories like diving boards, showers, gazebos and more for playing in the Mobideep pools can be added:

Two of their most recent installations are at the Nine Dragaons Marina in China and at Istres, in the South Of France, they have six Mobideep floating pools that are enjoyed by hundreds of people.

For parties, events, or just simple swimming, they offer an oasis that comes in various shapes and arrangements.

Floating decks, walkways and pontoons like those shown below are available as well:

Now, if only they were heated....

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