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Lindsay Lohan Channels Marilyn Monroe for Playboy Magazine.
All the images. (NSFW)

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above: Lindsay Lohan (detail), photographed by Yu Tsai for Playboy Magazine, 2011

above left: Lindsay Lohan, 2011; above right: Marilyn Monroe, 1953

Lindsay Lohan channels Marilyn Monroe once again on the cover and inside editorial for the January/February 2012 issue of Playboy magazine. I say "once again' because I previously compared the Bert Stern shots of Ms. Lohan for new York Magazine with the original Bert Stern shoot of Marilyn years ago (see those pictures here) and now, she once again emulates the legendary actress in the pin-up like poses originally struck by Marilyn for the 1953 issue of Playboy.

above left: Lindsay Lohan in 2008, and above right: Marilyn Monroe in 1962, both shot by photographer Bert Stern

Shot by photographer Yu Tsai, Lilo replicates some of Marilyn's 1953 poses for the magazine and adds a few more. An interesting note: Lindsay is 25 in these photos and Marilyn was 27 in hers.

above left: Lindsay Lohan in Playboy, 2012 and above right, Marilyn Monroe in Playboy, 1953

Say what you will about Lindsay but she looks uncannily like Marilyn and oozes the same sort of sexuality as society's beloved Norma Jean Baker once did. You can see that both Marilyn's original shots and the new ones of Lindsay are heavily retouched for Playboy, but I love that we can see Lindsay's freckles.

Here are all the photos from the not yet released issue (NSFW):

Images of Marilyn Monroe from the 1953 Playboy editorial:

And the centerfold of Monroe:

The 2012 January /February issue of Playboy (cover shown below) will be on the stands soon.

images courtesy of Playboy and WorldMags.


Amq2330 said...

Ok! this really threw of the tetra thingamabob! I thought it was all architectural but then Bam! LOL pretty cool site nice way to grab the reader I guess

Anonymous said...

If I were playboy I would have done some reshoots. Lindsay's body language is super uncomfortable and makes any viewer feel pretty awkward. Especially compared to Marilyn. That girl knows how to have fun and encourage her fans to do so as well.

tam said...

Marilyn does it better she does anything better

Anonymous said...

Lindsay has some big knockers

Anonymous said...

Marylin was all real/natural

JAYAVO said...


Anonymous said...

id love to do alot of naughty things to her

Anonymous said...

Lindsay has some big tits. I would love to tap that ass all day long, hell all WEEK long.

Anonymous said...

Lindsay looks better.

Anonymous said...

Hell ya

Anonymous said...

I think thats not true, no offense. But Marilyn did it so much better, she's into and and Lindseys just copying her. Lindsey is gorgeous but Marilyn is beyond that

Anonymous said...

Lindsay has the better breasts but that's about it. Marilyn's photos are playful, inviting, natural. Lindsay just looks kind of dead in the eyes, I can't believe she was only 25 here, she looks much older..

Anonymous said...

Marilyn has small boobs and a big ass while Lilo has big boobs and a small ass. i like them both, they'll be together soon enough ;)

Anonymous said...

Very nice and elegant in memory of Marolin. But it's 2014 & we all know Lindsey's no goody tu shoe. Full FULL frontal would have been nice to see.

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.

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