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The Movie Sucked But The Titles Were Great.

At least, that's how I felt about David Fincher's Panic Room. Most of Fincher's movies have outstanding title design (think "Fight Club" and"Seven"). Yes, there are some terrific movies which also have terrific title design, but certainly, the two are not mutually inclusive.

above titles for Panic Room by Picture Mill, produced in conjunction with Café FX.

On Submarine Channel, they love a good main title. That's why they've started an online collection of the most stunning and original ones. Some are engaging or wildly entertaining, funny, exhilarating or deadly beautiful. Some are oozing with visual treats while others hit you hard with their bold and audacious style.

Submarine Channel is a non-profit production and online distribution platform for designers, interactive artists and the people who like them. You may notice what seems like some obvious omissions, but that's because they are presently working on getting clearance rights to many of the main title sequences long revered as some of the best; like those by renowned designer, Saul Bass':

See some of the movies for which he's designed the titles here: title sequences by Saul Bass.

Forget The Film, Watch The Titles


C'mon people, it's only a dollar.
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